8 November

Are you already working with lean/continuous improvement and do you notice that it is difficult to integrate this as part of the daily work?
Does continuous improvement has to be planned time and time again, while you thought it would become part of daily work?
Is continuous improvement above all owned by the staff instead of the line?
Are standards not followed (lack of discipline!)and does lean always need to be freshened up?
Are you acting like a firefighter by too much variation in quality and productivity?
Do you recognize this? TWI can help you.
The necessary knowledge and skills of the first executives in an organization are probably the most overlooked, and also the most important conditions for a successful lean implementation. Successful lean is immediately visible on the gemba, where the work is done!
The Training Within Industry (TWI) program aims to support the first executives in the performance of their daily responsibilities. Between 1950 and 1960 (and not just then, even today!) Toyota used TWI for educating employees as part of the Toyota production system, the world's first Lean Manufacturing program.
TWI is an integral part of contemporary Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen strategies. The TWI methods complete Lean Solutions by training executives in the skills they need to create a climate for standardization and improvement of methods. Using the TWI methods, supervisors are able to be the real improvement leaders of your company, every day.
During the workshop you will get an introduction to the TWI program, illustrated with appealing examples from practice. You will learn about the TWI methods and after attending the workshop you will have a clear picture about what TWI can mean for your organization. The program is provided by Carla Latijnhouwers and Gerard Berendsen, founders of TWI Institute Netherlands and Germany.
The language of the workshop is Dutch or German, but when there are enough participants, it can also be delivered in English.

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