Vertical start-up new line

A large soft drink company with a volume of 3.9 billion litres of soft drinks and 9000 employees is responsible for the sales, production, filling, packaging and logistics handling and delivery of the goods. Because of capacity growth and the development of new products, there is an urgent need for employees to learn the new products and new lines quickly and effectively.

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Sustainable training of employees

The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary products. The production network comprises 35 production sites. With 700 employees, Geberit Mapress produces 55 million metal press fittings per year for water, air, steam and gas installations at its Langenfeld site. Growth in the market required short-term capacity growth, which could not be achieved by installing new production lines.

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Fault-reduction collecting goods

A food manufacturer had a lot of rework through incorrectly composed clusters. A cluster is a collection of weighed raw materials that have been collected to produce specific recipes.

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Reduce the number of incorrect codes

A food manufacturer had significant failure costs due to non-readable coding. After a cause analysis, they found that the printer head was not cleaned properly and this led to anomalies. The reason the operators did not clean the printer head properly was that they did not have a clear standard and training for this task.

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Job Instruction at VMI

Machine builder VMI has its head office in Epe, where about 900 people are employed. The innovative machines are continuously developed and further expanded.

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