The Training Within Industry (TWI) programme aims to support supervisors (team, shift or group leaders, department heads) in the execution of their daily responsibilities. The results are directly visible in the daily work, among other things:

* Standardized work
* Increased productivity and quality at reduced costs
* Reduced training time
* Working more safely
* Improved working atmosphere
* More problems solved

An example is a global soft drinks company that was able to reduce the start-up time of new filling and packaging lines by 80%. Within six months of the implementation of the TWI methods, one dairy producer saw that the number of quality errors decreased by more than 90%. A parts manufacturer was able to increase the output by 26% six months after the start of Job Instruction. A pharmaceutical company was able to reduce the training time of new specialist employees by 80%. In an automotive machine factory, the number of malfunctions during testing and startup halved. Productivity also increased by more than 20%. This success was then copied to sister companies abroad.

Our customers about TWI:
"The power of the simplicity of TWI. Everyone can benefit from this."

"Giving instruction is not something you just do based on experience, but there are easy standard methods such as TWI".