Master Trainers JI

Carla Latijnhouwers and Gerard Berendsen are now certified Master Trainers in Job Instruction. This means we can offer the Job Instruction Train-the-trainer programm in English, Dutch and German.



  • Do you want to exchange deeper knowledge and experiences on TWI, specially in how to handle problems? Please join the workshop in Malmö, 13th of June.


  • TWI and Kata Summit Europe

    Join us at the TWI and Kata Summit in Sweden.
    The early bird discount expires after April 19th, so submit now!


  • What is TWI?

    We are pleased to join the lean community in an initiative to raise awareness of TWI. If you don't yet have a working knowledge of TWI and its relation to lean, follow this link and learn more.

  • The TWI Global Partners had a meeting in Japan with Mr. Kato about the TWI Programm. Mr. Kato introduces TWI at Toyota in the past and is still teaching TWI classes. He is still very passioned on the need of standard work.


TWI Institute

The Training Within Industry (TWI) methods help supervisors to support and instruct people and to improve daily work methods.

By years of experience in process optimization and the introduction of continuous improvement processes, we see many organizations struggle to maintain previously reached results. Again and again revitalizations are necessary to maintain the process. It often seems that continuous improvement stands far from daily practice as well. By supporting the supervisor in his or her daily work, the organization will become able to exploit creativity and knowledge of workers and remain successful.

The primary goal of the TWI Institute is integrating the TWI methods in organizations, in such a way that they become able to permanently use knowledge and creativity of all workers to be successful.

The TWI Institute will pursue its goal by: sharing knowledge of successful implementations; organizing a common platform for sharing knowledge; and by training and guiding organizations in the use of the TWI methods.

We are official partner of the global TWI Institute network. This is the global network of accredited, experienced and motivated TWI certified trainers and Lean specialists who implement the TWI methods in your organization according to the original standard.


"when the worker hasn’t learned, the instructor hasn’t taught"

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