Vertical start-up new line

A large soft drink company with a volume of 3.9 billion litres of soft drinks and 9000 employees is responsible for the sales, production, filling, packaging and logistics handling and delivery of the goods. Because of capacity growth and the development of new products, there is an urgent need for employees to learn the new products and new lines quickly and effectively.


Experience from previous start-up phases of various new filling and packaging lines has shown that there have been many start-up losses over and over again:

- Learning the new installations before and during the installation and commissioning of the machines was not optimal: there were too many start-up losses.

- After technical delivery by the suppliers, the lines ran into problems, due to insufficient knowledge and experience on the part of operators and mechanics, the real learning phase only started after the transfer. This meant a lot of loss of time and sometimes quality deviations, too low output and too high costs.


In order to solve these problems, a training plan was prepared at an early stage. Instructors learn before installation:

- Know the new line

- Apply TWI Job Instruction

- Developing training standards

During commissioning, the instructors teach all operators the necessary tasks. Through a training plan, which is given daily focus, the instructions for other employees are planned and executed.


By structurally tackling the Vertical Start Up, new lines can now be put into operation faster and better. The well-known decline in performance after delivery has also disappeared.

The training phase / commissioning time has been shortened from approximately 10 months to approximately 10 weeks!