Job Instruction

TWI Job Instruction is the way to get a person to quickly remember to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. It is a very robust and proven method, which is designed to develop basic stability of your processes (standard work). Too often processes are performed by employees who use various methods, partly because they are insufficiently trained. This variation causes unnecessary deviations of quality, and loss of productivity and capacity, ultimately resulting in high costs. TWI Job Instruction is used by organizations in various industries, such as production companies, manufacturing industry, healthcare and logistic service providers, because of the direct improvement of production and costs.

During the training participants are taught how to analyze tasks in order to instruct them effectively to employees. Effective instruction means that employees learn these tasks quickly and right at once, according to the agreed best work method and do not forget it anymore.

    Experiences with Job Instruction from practice:

    “Practicing at the shopfloor in making and job breakdowns makes us more confident in doing this ourselves.”

    “Structure of the week was very well thought of.”

    “The 4 steps make this a structured method. Everyone should learn this!”