Job Relations

A supervisor gets results through his employees. Therefore it is important that work relations are good and people are treated as individuals. The Job Relations method is based on leading with respect for employees. Hereby focus is on the foundations of good work relations:

Let each worker know how he or she is doing.
Give credit when due.
Tell people in advance about changes that will affect them.
Make best use of each person’s ability.

TWI Job Relations is used by organizations in various industries, in order to:

Improve the working environment in such a way that productivity increases.
Increase the commitment of employees.
Prevent problems to occur by good work relations.

    Experiences with Job Relations in practice:

    “If JR is used in the right way, it will help supervisors to prepare structurally on a conversation with an employee. A conversation that can be easily entered, because it is properly prepared in advance in terms of content and possible actions are considered in advance.”

    “The 4-step method of addressing a problem make you will not forget anything when making a plan of action. By discussing issues with several people, different views of which you had not thought of will appear.”

    “The JR Training has contributed a lot to the structure with respect to determining what and when something needs to be done . By approaching things now in the same way as during the training, it has become much more easy to make a plan of action."