Job Relations training

The JR training usually lasts 5 days and consists of 2 training groups of 10 participants each (a group in the morning and a group in the afternoon).

All participants learn in the 5x2 hour basic training how to correctly assess situations and thus build a good relationship with their employees. In addition, they learn to recognise and solve problem situations in such a way that the problems in question will be avoided in the future.

Every 2 hour session is followed by 2 hours of group work, in which the topics are deepened and practiced as required. The practice based on own real problems guarantees a Learning by Doing.

In order to embed and further develop the acquired skills, action points are defined on the last training day and their further follow-up is planned in a follow-up.

The training is aimed at all managers in all sectors, business units and organisations.

The image below shows the standard weekly schedule (click to enlarge). In consultation with you, there are also other possibilities, suitable for your organisation.