Job Instruction training

The Job Instruction training usually lasts one week, with a group of 10 participants.

In this training you will learn how to standardize tasks and make a job breakdown that allows you to instruct employees so that they learn their tasks quickly, properly and permanently.

What you have learned is then applied in your own workplace according to the principle of learning-by-doing and by each participant acting at least once as a teacher and once as a learner, you will learn how to apply the method in practice. After the training week, the Job Instructors can immediately start making standards and instructing colleagues on tasks.

In order to embed what they have learned and to continue to apply it in practice, a follow-up day helps to clarify any questions or uncertainties. In order to be able to work with the method, however, no consultancy process is required after the training; the participants can start immediately.

The training is aimed at operational managers and all persons who instruct others in their work - in all sectors, divisions and organisations. The training week concludes with a certification for TWI Job Instructor.

The image below shows the standard weekly schedule (click to enlarge). In consultation with you, there are also other possibilities, suitable for your organisation.