Job Methods training

The JM course usually lasts 5 days, during which 1 group of 10 participants is trained.

In the 5x2 hour basic training, all participants learn how to analyze work processes and tasks together with their employees and how to optimize them down to the smallest details in order to ensure optimal use of people, materials and machines.

After each 2-hour session, learning by doing is also central on the remaining training day. The participants examine their work areas and identify and prioritise processes and procedures that need to be improved. The learned methods are applied and practiced during the week using these real examples.

In order to embed and further develop the acquired skills, action points are defined on the last training day and further follow-up is planned.

The training is intended for operational managers and all those involved in improving processes and procedures - particularly in manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

The image below shows the standard weekly schedule (click to enlarge). In consultation with you, there are also other possibilities, suitable for your organisation.