Job Safety training

The JS training usually takes 5 days, during which 1 group of 10 participants is trained.

In the 5x2 hour basic training all participants learn systematically to identify safety risks and to develop effective measures to prevent safety incidents or accidents. The 4-step method serves as a guide and helps in the intensive investigation of the working environment with regard to risks of things, people, timing or the environment.

After the 2-hour session in the morning, the focus for the rest of the day is on practical on-site exercises. The participants investigate areas in the company, carry out evaluations and develop concrete measures in the context of intensive 'learning-by-doing'.

In order to embed and further develop the acquired skills, the measures developed are presented on the last training day, the further coordination of the procedure and further activities and their follow-up are planned.

The training is intended for operational managers and all those who have the task and responsibility to actively improve safety at work - this applies to all relevant business units in a wide range of sectors.

The image below shows the standard weekly schedule (click to enlarge). In consultation with you, there are also other options that are suitable for your organisation.