High turnover

We see many of our customers struggling with the question of how to attract good employees and how to ensure that they stay. How you can engage and engage employees has everything to do with what we call "Respectful Leadership". This starts with the provision of a thorough training programme.

It often happens that during the selection of personnel, someone is hired who later turns out to be unfit for work for various reasons. That is a waste of time, energy and costs that the company has invested in this person, and at the same time it is a waste of the time that the new employee has invested in this job. There are jobs that, for example, require specific (fine) motor or technical skills and whether a new employee also possesses these skills and/or can learn from a conversation alone is not clear. We see more and more companies that overcome this by teaching the employee one or more tasks before he or she is hired to see if they are suitable to teach certain skills that are essential for a job.

Companies regularly complain that temporary workers or new employees don't come back after a few weeks or even after a few days and that it's a shame to put time and energy into an extensive induction process. Work induction programs today unfortunately still often come down to walking along and watching with an experienced employee. The quality of the work experience then depends very much on the person with whom the new employee walks. Investing more time in a new employee's training/induction process at the front ensures that people achieve the planned productivity more quickly and prevents repair work afterwards. If an employee starts in a new job and notices that the induction process has been thought through and that care is taken to ensure that new people are taught tasks in the best possible way, this reduces the chance that after a short period of time he or she throws in the towel and starts looking for work happiness elsewhere.