Recurring employee problems

Despite the many leadership programmes that are implemented in large and smaller organisations, we often see and notice that something "gnaws" between employees: employees within a team and between teams, employees from different departments, but also between employees and managers. This is not always pronounced, so it is not detected, picked up and solved. Think, for example, of an employee who always arrives late, two employees who don't want to cooperate with each other, an employee who gets all worked up to the annoyance of his or her colleagues. These kinds of "small" problems between employees are an enormous obstacle to getting continuous improvement in quality, safety and productivity to work effectively.

Unfortunately, we notice that managers often do not learn how to deal with "difficult" problems with employees. They haven't been able to practice that either, as they have, for example, been able to practice how to start or clean a machine - something that happens every day.

Once problems with employees are identified, the approach is often "postponed" because they are still so busy with the work that needs to be done, or because it is seen as something that might happen by itself. The real cause is sometimes that managers don't see or notice the problem, but most of the time they don't know how to deal with it.

And that is exactly what these practical situations often result in: problems remain unnoticed for too long or keep returning. One of the most important aspects of the Job Relations programme is to tackle problems when they are still in the early stages and are therefore relatively easy to solve.