Creating Vertical Start-Up

Decreasing performance after the supplier's departure

Creating a vertical start-up is one of the problems we often encounter. After the purchase of a new installation or machine, it is usually installed on site by the supplier. After the formal handover, the production equipment is transferred to the operation and there is often a significant drop in performance. The supplier leaves and the operation is insufficiently instructed about its operation. There are quality deviations, changeover times and with that the stop times increase and the output decreases.

Creating robust vertical start-up

From extensive experience in several sectors and companies, we now have the necessary knowledge to create a fast, reliable and robust ramp-up. Well before commissioning the machine or installation, we start training employees in the Job Instruction method. In this training, employees learn how to analyse and train tasks. After employees have been trained, we start analyzing the tasks of the purchased machine or installation. Despite the fact that the machine is not yet present on location, it is often possible to do this elsewhere in consultation. After making the analyses, they are worked out and tested. After this, we start training the first employees from the operation. Ideally, we do this before commissioning the machine/plant. The result is a vertical start-up.